Translation Tools for SAP Systems

If you are looking for translation tools for SAP systems, you've come to the right place. As an SAP partner with many years of experience in SAP translation, we are frequently asked to develop custom solutions for our customers. But we've also created a number of proven tools that have transformed many SAP translation projects. Our SAP translation tools and add-ons help you automate your translation projects, implement innovative workflows and ensure high translation quality.

i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori

Are you developing SAP Fiori apps to be used in multiple languages? Are those apps showing texts from files as well as from the SAP backend? i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori combines texts from both sources into one streamlined translation workflow.

i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori is the best way to translate SAP Fiori texts. The tool reads the texts from your Fiori apps and guides you through the entire translation process. It enables you to easily include SAP backend objects, and translate them together with the Fiori texts, in the same worklist. And after the translations are done, it syncs each translated text back to the Fiori apps, both into the BSP application and into their associated Git repositories. Learn more...

Customizing Delta Translation Manager

Do you need to translate your SAP customizing entries? Have you changed hundreds of tables? Are you wondering where to start? Customizing Delta Translation Manager makes it easy to safely and cost-efficiently translate the customizing entries you have created.

Customizing Delta Translation Manager is the easy way to translate your SAP customizing entries. It scans your entire SAP system, collects the texts of all customizing entries you have ever created, and isolates them from entries created by SAP. In addition, the tool helps you define your translation scope and manages your translation process. Learn more...

Master Data Translation Manager

Do you need to export master data texts for translation? Do you need to pick and choose the texts you need?

Master Data Translation Manager helps you translate only the master data texts you need. While SAP provides standard functionality to export master data for translation, it can only export entire tables. Master Data Translation Manager allows you to specify any master data short texts and exports these texts for translation. Learn more...

Blog Posts on our Translation Tools

Fitting Translation into an Agile Release Cycle with i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori

When you are developing SAP Fiori apps following an Agile methodology, it can be hard to find space for translation. As soon as one release is delivered for an app, your development teams want to start working on the next release. Translators would like to work on the texts for the finished release, without interference from the next one. And users expect the translations to be there when testing starts. Read more...

Integrating SAP Fiori Texts into an SE63-Based Workflow with i18n Translation Manager

When you translate SAP Fiori apps into other languages, most often, you will also have to translate some ABAP-based objects from the backend, such as data elements, text elements, or messages. Wouldn't it be nice if your translators were able to use one common translation editor for all of these texts? i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori closes that gap and enables you to translate SAP Fiori texts in transaction SE63 as well. Read more...

Decoupling Development and Translation for SAP Fiori Apps with i18n Translation Manager

(Guest Blog Post for text&form)

When you create your first SAP Fiori app, translation doesn’t look like that big a deal. You find your single file, search for the texts from SAP backend and manually copy and paste them into a spreadsheet, and then you send everything to a translator. But when you do this kind of thing at scale, or worse, at every sprint in an agile environment, translation can drive you up the wall. If that’s where you are, i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori can help you out. Continue reading on

The Story of Customizing Delta Translation Manager

It has been a while since CDTM ran in a customer SAP system for the first time. From day one, the tool has been helping customers reduce their translation scope by enabling them with translating only the customizing entries that they need, and by doing so, and lowering their SAP translation costs. Here’s the story of how it came about. Read more...